More about J.H.

James “J.H.” Atkins, is serving his twelfth year on the Danville City Commission. Most folks who have lived here for a few years know J.H. as a man who enjoys listening, sharing ideas, and turning problems into solutions. A former teacher, principal, coach and assistant superintendent, he uses the leadership skills he acquired as an educator to work toward making Danville and Boyle County a better place for all citizens.

J.H. served in the Army and earned a degree from Kentucky State University. He followed up his work in secondary schools with teaching education courses and serving as diversity administrator at Centre College. He now volunteers in area schools, doing social justice, diversity and inclusion work.

And, most importantly, J.H. is a husband, father and grandfather. His many roles -- veteran, educator, commissioner, coach, husband, father, and grandfather -- have taught him to communicate with people from all walks of life. That's why he will be The People's Mayor.

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